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Press Release for Astros Marketing (Pty) Ltd
For more information, please contact:
Jeannet Nkosi
Tel: 011 524 6083
Email: jeannet@astros.co.za
Website: http://pv.style and https://personalvideo.co.za

Boksburg , Jet Park – Personal Video is the new buzz in town, it is a concept that Astros Marketing has come up with whereby it’s Marketing team directs and produces videos and content for anyone that wants to use promotional videos as a form of marketing for its product or services.

The Personal Video Packages include:

Standard Personal Video:

Which is a marketing tool that is used to gain trust for new sales, leads etc.

Personal Video for Elite group of persons:

This is basically a marketing tool used to show off achievements for Senior Management, Executives, Business or Organizational Owners etc.

Personal Video for the Organization:

Is a package offered to Organization’s whereby individual shots of each employee or management are taken and the Organization as a whole introducing the company from employee and management perspective.

Why Video Marketing?

To Build Emotional Connection and Trust
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