Advanced Machinery Offers Wall Art Designs Package

Press Release for Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd
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Johannesburg, South Africa – October 10, 2016: Advanced Machinery made it public that the company has released a collection of Wall Art Designs which are available for sale to vinyl cutter users and enthusiasts.


Each design is custom made for a number of Raster Image Processor (RIP) software, including Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, AutoCAD and SAI  FlexiSign among others, and can be easily vectorized to achieve the desired effect. The files will also process effortlessly on Advanced Machinery’s new S-VINYLCUT software. Conversion formats supporting the designs include EPS, DXF, DWG, PDF, SVG and Windows media file EMF.

These patterns will help designers explore new growth angles in decorative applications. They can also be extended to website designs to help bring in new customers with a fresh and different design experience that’s also easily blended a new customer’s website – even for an existing customers new branding touch. Now designers can manage production systematically with automatic, reliable print-ready vector generation and tools that help you manage orders and save time.


Designers don’t have to worry about image quality loss when they stretch the images or when they output the designs for large format printing. Also, each design comes with a preview capability and ease of index.

Where To Use These Patterns: For signs, grave markers, mailboxes, weather vanes, refrigerator magnets, etc. Sell at dog shows, pet stores, flea markets, etc.

The package is being offered at only R299.00 and calls for pre-orders have started pouring in – collections and distribution from Advanced Machinery’s operations in Jet Park, Johannesburg will only start at end of October 2016.

To view samples of the wall art designs in discussion, visit the following site:

For assistance with purchases and more on the Wall Art Designs package, kindly visit, or please call our sales engineers on 072 222 2211.

HUAWEI Acquires The LabelMark Fiber Laser Marker From AM.CO.ZA

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Johannesburg, South Africa – October 6, 2016: Huawei, a giant international telecommunications company, has just acquired its first fiber laser marking machine from Advanced Machinery. This, for the conglomerate’s Melrose Arch’s Huawei store.


This announcement was made by Advanced Machinery today after a painless delivery of the machine at a Huawei outlet at the Melrose Arch in Johannesburg. Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider – in fact, it is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, having overtaken Ericsson in 2012.


The LabelMark Fiber Laser Marker, the first of Huawei SA’s acquisition, is a powerful device that can etch permanent inscriptions on solid materials, including metals and non-metal. The labelling becomes part of the material, and neither does it fade nor can it be washed. Providing an industrial solution for product identification, the LabelMark Laser Machine allows individuals to mark serial numbers, bar codes, 2D data matrix and graphics on the widest variety of materials, including metals, plastics and ceramics.


This device will help the store to add an exceptional service to their customers who wish to have their gadgets branded with any message of their choice, including their name. Already today, many of the store’s customers couldn’t help but stop by to marvel, walked in and had their phones branded.


Huawei is well known for its vicious brand that has shaken the South African market, these including the HUAWEI nova, HUAWEI Mate, Nexus 6P, HUAWEI P8, HUAWEI G8, and recently the HUAWEI P9.


About Advanced Machinery:

Advanced Machinery offers comprehensive CNC machines and support, specialising in CNC routers, vinyl cutters, CNC laser machines, plasma cutters and large format printers. It manufactures and supplies these state-of-the-art CNC machines from its workshop in Jet Park, Johannesburg, coming from its manufacturing plant which is based in China, where they are designed and engineered. Advanced Machinery also coordinates the entire import process in a manner that minimises risks for their customers, placing the onus on themselves to demonstrate a commitment to delivering the superior quality solutions that the company has become renowned for.

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Advanced Machinery Launches New Range of FastCOLOUR Printers


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Johannesburg, South Africa – September 28, 2016: Advanced Machinery, a South Africa based CNC machinery company, today announced a brand new range of the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer. This is the latest evolution of Advanced Machinery’s fully-integrated digital printing solution. And as the demands of sustainable print practices balloon up the list of priorities for printers every day, the company is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and ongoing innovation like never before.

The new series of the FastCOLOUR is set to transform the customer’s printing experience with its added upgrades and capabilities. Designed to provide the much-needed extra capacity to simplify the printing business, the new stock arrived at Advanced Machinery’s workshop in Jet Park, Johannesburg, where they are being assembled and demonstrated to the company’s customers. And immediately the company announced this development to a legion of more than 6, 000 of customers in its email database.

‘Our customers’ early response to the original FastCOLOUR was incredible, and this led us to think that they would need something better in a very short space of time – we think we have produced exactly that,’ said Eric Yin, Managing Director at Advanced Machinery.

‘FastCOLOUR is one of the most powerful brands we’ve ever coined, giving our customers that rare ability to be even more creative and fast with a more productive equipment. We’ll be waiting to see what they can do with the FastCOLOUR.’

This, barely a month after a successful stinct at the FESPA Africa 2016, where the company took to the stage, exhibiting the TruCUT CO2 Laser and the three series of vinyl cutters. The new printer is a huge sensation – it is packaged with both the DX5 and DX7 supporting additions, which include a different set of ink damper (this damper has a special filter which is very helpful for high speed printing, and is solvent resistant) and data cables, among others. Customers therefore do not need to purchase anything extra to install the DX5 and DX7 heads, except the heads themselves.

To cement the FastCOLOUR as a lasting innovative solutions portfolio and highly trusted brand, the printer’s resolution is still competitive within the market, going from a 3 – pass at 360×1080 DPI to an 8 – pass at 720×1440 DPI, and a maximum of 7.5 m2/h in high-speed printing  and uninterrupted printing to support high-volume output. The maximum printing width is 1860 mm with 50kg capacity rolled media feeding system.

The FastCOLOUR boasts the Servo Motors used on the printing axis features for fast printing speed and high accuracy movements, which in turn results in high quality printing results. This is ideal for time and space-pressed print operations, printing houses and creative sectors. And as an industry standard, the printer has wheels enabling it to be pushed around and clamps to jam it anywhere.

For people new to large format printing, please check out this page here, where Advanced Machinery constantly makes updates (along with more affordable options).

And for more info regarding purchases of the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer, please call Advanced Machinery on 060 600 6000 or do visit

Advanced Machinery Features in Wood Southern Africa Magazine


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Johannesburg, 16 September 2016: As the year dregs through to the very last edge of 2016, Advanced Machinery is proud to announce a new collaboration with Wood Southern Africa & Timber Times Magazine.

‘This collaboration plays an important role in AM’s continued attempt to grow our brand zealously and extend our profile to as many business people as possible,’ said Eric Yin, Managing Director at Advanced Machinery.

Wood SA represents a growing portfolio of timber and wood related news and stories from a wide variety of industries. As a magazine that is deeply embedded in this industry, it is excited to partner with a CNC MAchinery Company as esteemed as Advanced Machinery.

As for Advanced Machinery, it was a quest to partner with an innovative, fledgling publication that has its tooth edged into the market’s flesh, this defining Woods SA Magazine as an appropriate media solutions partner.

Advanced Machinery’s first press release appeared in the Wood SA magazine in the July 2016 issue, on page 65. The media alert comes after the Jet Park based company recently launched the new EasyRoute CNC Router series, another wood-working beast designed on precision as a fundamental. This machine can also route through hard plastic and other foams. The EasyRoute series has been a welcome addition to the company’s extensive range of machinery lines.

Small, affordable and easy to operate, this router has enormous capability to improve factory productivity, producing consistent and high-quality work. Mechanical business customers will benefit greatly from this machine.

According to its website, Wood SA & Timber Times is the only monthly magazine that focuses on the forestry, timber transport, saw-milling, woodworking and furniture manufacturing industries in southern Africa.


The publication currently captures 4 500 copies, printed and distributed monthly throughout sub-Saharan Africa, ie South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Lesotho, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Cameroon, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo and Madagascar. Wood Southern Africa & Timber Times boasts a readership of 35 000.

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Advanced Machinery Triggers More Interest at The FESPA Africa 2016 Expo


Press Release for Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd
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Advanced Machinery made yet another successful stint at an exhibition this year – this time at the FESPA Africa 2016 Expo which was staged at the Gallagher Convention Centre. One of South Africa’s leading trade shows and the largest dedicated print and signage exhibition, the FESPA Africa is an ideal platform for budding entrepreneurs looking to score insights into the industry, network and view the newest equipment and technologies.

The big expo recorded massive numbers of visitors during the three day tenure. In fact, it’s been recorded as one of the biggest, record-breaking expo gatherings in South Africa so far. The organizers have counted more than 7,000 attendees who came to view more than 500 brands during the three exhibition days. The quality of visitors – trade visitors only – was very high according to statements from exhibitors and organizers

Advanced Machinery’s representatives spent the whole time demonstrating and educating the visitors on using the two sets of machines on display: the TruCUT CO2 Laser Engraving machine and the three series of vinyl cutters – those being the V-Series, the V-Smart and the V-Auto Wireless Vinyl Cutters. They also shared samples and their cult designs and giveaways with heaps of people who visited the company’s stand. Customers came all the way from as far as Zimbabwe, Zambia and the DRC.

Advanced Machinery, commonly known in the Southern African market as AM.CO.ZA, has spent the year 2016 on the road – literally gracing almost every signage, print or design expo with their products, from Cape Town to Limpopo.

At this FESPA expo, much the time engagement was with customers who were looking at starting their own establishments and savvy ones who are looking at growing their businesses. Tray Oliver, a notable signage enthusiast from Pretoria was one of those who spent some time at Advanced Machinery’s booth. His instincts were drawn by the TruCUT CO2 Laser machine, a line of business he indicated he’d be going into soon. This is after he recognised some gaps in the signage market.

Eric Yin, Managing Director at Advanced Machinery observed, ‘For us it was once again a delight to be able to meet so many signage business people. We also met a delegate from India who mentioned that they’ve been following our website. It’s not a really big thing, but it does not happen every day. It’s always important for us to be here, showcasing our new equipment.’

Close to 90% of the entrepreneurs who visited the company’s booth said they were actively planning to start their businesses in the coming six months and 74% said they were likely to go for business machine opportunity available at the expo.

Vinyl Cutters Dominate The Stage: Firstly, Advanced Machinery does not usually assemble all its vinyl cutters under one foreign roof. But this time something was different. In fact, all the difference was made by the huge outcry from customers way back during the build-up to the show. The three different series of vinyl cutters have always been crowd-pullers, and this time it wasn’t any different. Cutting at fast speeds, these products are able to achieve perfect vinyl cutting work at high accuracy movements. The V-Auto especially, which has been densely associated with the distinctive word ‘innovative’, is blended with an Automatic contouring ability, continued to intrigue signage enthusiasts with its 50-1200mm per second cutting/plotting Speed. Its ability to support Wi-Fi connection allows this model to connect several computers simultaneously.

When asked what lay ahead of the machinery curve at Advanced Machinery, Eric could only say that, ‘The future looks bright, and the most beautiful thing is that the South African market is ripe and open for any kind of innovation. We’re constantly innovating.’

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Advanced Machinery Stuns Visitors at The Fun & Biz 2016

ExpoPress Release for Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd
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Advanced Machinery has just come back from the Fun & Biz 2016 Expo, where for three days countless customers had a chance to interact with the company’s representatives.

This happened at Nasrec, one of Johannesburg’s famous show venues. From the 5th of August to the 7th, the Fun & Biz 2016 Expo, one of its kind, was not business as usual as the show managed to pull extra-ordinary crowds during the short period, making it one of the most attended expos in Johannesburg this year. Guangdon Grandeur international exhibition from China displayed its second spectacular spledour in South Africa, broadening vast business partnerships and opportunities between the two countries for Tourism, Leisure, and Recreation business to the South African amusement and attraction landscape.

Advanced Machinery’s executives spent a better part of their time demonstrating the power of its new addition of fibre laser marking machines: the TruCUT CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine which was accompanied by the three state-of-the-art machines: the V-Series, V-Smart and V-Auto Superfast Wireless vinyl cutters. The famous Jet Park based CNC machinery company

The TruCUT CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine: This machine is ideal for cutting, marking and engraving on various on non-metal materials. The cabinet style of laser cutting machine is perfect for sign-making, shopfitting, trophy making and corporate gifts making. Used to cut and engrave on perspex, supawood, chipboard, and many other non-metal materials on 0.01mm precision, this laser technology is a prefect laser machine:

  • Signage Business
  • Souvenir Making
  • Displays & Shopfitting
  • Craft Makers

State-of-The-Art Vinyl Cutters: Expo visitors were wowed by these little beasts with the ability to output a 0.001mm driving precision while cutting at fast speeds, on high accuracy movements. The V-Auto especially, which has been densely associated with the distinctive word ‘innovative’, is blended with an Automatic contouring ability, continued to intrigue signage enthusiasts with its 50-1200mm per second cutting/plotting Speed. Its ability to support Wi-Fi connection allows this model to connect several computers simultaneously.

Advanced Machinery will now be gearing itself for the FESPA Africa 2016 Expo at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg, dated 7 – 9 September.

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FREE TICKETS To The Fun & Biz 2016 Expo

SET IMAGE1.jpgAdvanced Machinery is inviting you, our special customer, to the Fun & Biz Africa Expo, taking place at Nasrec Expo Centre from the 5th to the 7th of August, 2016 in Johannesburg. This, the first large International Leisure, amusement and gaming expo in SA, will be packed with loads of fun for everyone. Literally everyone. You can download your ticket now, here: FREE TICKET.

It’s for this reason that we’re extending an invitation to you, and to put the cherry on top, we’re giving away up to 500 TICKETS for this expo, all FREE of charge, meaning you’re welcome to bring your business partners, staff, friends, family and fans on your social media hub along.

This expo is already attracting heaps of people and you don’t want to miss this once-in-a-year extravaganza for anything. Colouring the event will be different companies ranging from travel agents, amusement parks, sport, water parks, gambling centers, family entertainment centers, developers, carnival market makers, designers, product distributors and agents.

You will have best chance to see the world’s best products and services without ever having to step out of Africa. This exhibition in South Africa will bring brand new development and commercial opportunities for the local business landscape – you don’t want to miss that, especially if you have a keen mind for investing.

During the exhibition, a dozen activities will be held throughout the premise, keeping audiences entertained. That includes on August 8th as well, where mind-blowing programs have been scheduled to celebrate the perfect ending, which is a good way for exhibitors to relax after the tense exhibition.

Visitors are who invited by Advanced Machinery are free to come to through. It’s all painless – you just have to remember to bring your printed ticket! You are welcome to bring your business partners, staff, friends, family and fans on your social media to the exhibition. Tickets will be collected at the entrances.


Singing Competition: Are you an aspiring or seasoned musician? Are you the next sensation to push the bar of music up? Then this event is for you – the expo will be running a competition: Seek The Best Voice of Africa during the three days. And the prizes?

a). 1st Place:    R40, 000.00

b). 2nd Place:  R20, 000.00

c). 3rd Place:   R10, 000.00

So come claim your share of the prize money. If not you, this precious token might as well belong to your daughter. Or your colleague. Or your neighbour. Please bring them along.

Everything For Everyone: Every attendee will get a special Chinese Characteristics Souvenir.


  • A formidable business platform catering for all your sourcing needs
  • One-to-one commercial discussions with exhibitors of your choice
  • Gain industry insights around the latest tourism relevant products and destination developments


  • Tourism, real estate Investor
  • Tour Operators
  • Destination Management Company
  • Attraction Management company
  • Hotel & Resort management
  • Accommodation providers
  • Amusement Park, family entertainment center operator;
  • Tourism design & planning firms
  • Tourism facilities suppliers
  • Commercial equipment suppliers and distributors
  • Event and Party Supplies provider
  • Trade Associations and Societies


ABOUT FUN & BIZ AFRICA EXPO: New in Africa, and focusing on leisure, tourism & urban recreation business, Fun & Biz Africa is an expo aiming to promote the improvement of entertaining facilities of South Africa especially in fields where tourists would spend their time when in South Africa.


We will be stationed at Stand 1706 inside Hall 5. We will be displaying our new addition of the TruCUT CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving machines and our full range of vinyl cutters, which include the popular V-Series, the sensational V-Smart and the amazing V-Auto Wireless Superfast Vinyl Cutter.

Please your FREE TICKET HERE, print and bring it with at the entrance.

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