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Boksburg , Jet Park – Personal Video is the new buzz in town, it is a concept that Astros Marketing has come up with whereby it’s Marketing team directs and produces videos and content for anyone that wants to use promotional videos as a form of marketing for its product or services.

The Personal Video Packages include:

Standard Personal Video:

Which is a marketing tool that is used to gain trust for new sales, leads etc.

Personal Video for Elite group of persons:

This is basically a marketing tool used to show off achievements for Senior Management, Executives, Business or Organizational Owners etc.

Personal Video for the Organization:

Is a package offered to Organization’s whereby individual shots of each employee or management are taken and the Organization as a whole introducing the company from employee and management perspective.

Why Video Marketing?

To Build Emotional Connection and Trust

When job hunting the first thing that introduces you to the potential employer is your Curriculum Vitae, Qualifications and Reference from your previous employers . Now you have the chance to have some sort of interaction with the Employer or Recruiter before you meet them personally increasing your chances of being called in for an interview. It simply serves as an Icebreaker.

The Recruiter/Employer also has a chance to get an idea of how you look and sound.

The same applies for when you have a new business and little clientele. This is the perfect way to get noticed and simply drive sales up.

To Demonstrate your Product or Service

Customers are likely to buy your product or service once they have watched a promotional video, a review or step by step demonstration of the product/service advertised. It gives a better understanding of how to use the Product or Service with so much ease.

Trust me when I tell you that there is a whole lot of power behind Video Marketing, And you are yet to find out for yourself!

Now moving right on along, we had the pleasure of working with and making a series of Personal Videos for Harrogate (Pty) Ltd . Below are a few snaps of the video:

I bet you want one as well right?

Just For Laughs!

About Astros Marketing:

It is a Marketing company founded by Bates Trust (Pty) Ltd. It has a studio set up and based in Jet Park, Boksburg. It offers a variety of Marketing Services such as Video Shoots in the form of Commercials, Instructional Videos, New development videos, Content Creation for Social Media, just to name a few. It is the Production House of Personal Video.

More information of Personal Video can be found on our site: and

Or you can simply dial the number : 060 600 7000 and orders yours today.

It’s that easy!