The economic uncertainty that has come with the global pandemic has resulted in many people being without work and others with the need to find alternate forms of income. This has resulted in a burgeoning sector of backyard and garage industries springing up, as many turn their hobbies into an income stream.

One area where this has previously been cost-prohibitive was metal fabrication. Welding equipment is not expensive but to be able to cut metal of different thicknesses a plasma cutter is the only viable option, cutting discs and blades simply cannot cope.

Local cutting systems supplier AM.CO.ZA has expanded its product offering with the introduction of a new IGBT plasma cutter specifically aimed at the small garage operator. Based on the same technology used in its industrial plasma cutters but, on a smaller and more cost-effective scale, the new MetalWise 65A Plasma Cutter 220V IGBT Plasma Power Unit with CNC Mechanised Torch, brings leading-edge cutting technology to the entry-level sector of the market.

Plasma cutting is a process for cutting steel and metal of different sizes and thickness using a plasma torch. During plasma cutting, the inert gas or compressed air is ejected at high speed from the nozzle and an electrical arc is made from the gas in the nozzle to the surface to facilitate the cutting. The plasma is sufficiently hot to melt the metal that is being cut and it also moves fast enough to blow the cut metal away from the cut. In the past this has required high voltages which generally meant that three-phase circuits where necessary.

The IGBT or Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor plasma cutters use a different method to start the pilot arc compared to the older generation Mosfet plasma cutters and as such are better suited for professional environments. Many IGBT plasma metal cutters often deploy high frequency starting technology, high voltage circuit just for the starting process while others use Pilot Arc starting technology, where the torch enables a constant arc without touching the work piece. IGBT technology for welding applications has certainly proved to more effective when handling the rigorous demands and the high duty cycles of professional welding as it offers higher voltage capacities and heat tolerances than the earlier MOSFET systems.

The new IGBT MetalWise 65A from AM.CO.ZA uses a standard 220V electricity supply, making it not only suitable, but ideal, for garage or home use while at the same offering these small entry-level operators access to professional systems. In addition, the price tag of the MetalWise 65A makes it much more affordable for the small home-based operator.

The MetalWise range from AM.CO.ZA is simple and easy to use, which means that once established, small users can migrate to the larger models with more industrial strength and capabilities without an extensive learning curve. The MetalWise range includes the 380V models. The MetalWise 125 plasma cutter uses 130A plasma, the MetalWise 165 uses 200A plasma, the MetalWise 200 uses 300A plasma and, the MetalWise 260 uses 400A plasma. The more powerful plasma cutters do require three-phase electricity which does not make them suitable for home use, but clients can easily grow into these larger devices when starting with the MetalWise 65A plasma cutter.

For the small metalworking enthusiast who wants to turn their passion into a quality and professional occupation, there is no better time than now and no better device than the MetalWise 65A from AM.CO.ZA. And they can even help with finance for qualifying customers.

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