AM.CO.ZA – the local supplier to the large-format printing and signage market – has done it again by releasing yet another range of large-format vinyl cutting solutions. Well-known in the local market for its V-Series, V-Smart and V-Auto ranges of vinyl cutters AM.CO.ZA has expanded its range to more solutions to the local market to fill the gaps not covered by its existing products or competitive solutions currently available in South and Southern Africa.

The new Vinyl4 range of cutting solutions comprises three models that dovetail with existing ranges, offering increased functionality, better performance, and lower costs. Comprising the Vinyl4 Hobby, Studio and Business, the Vinyl4 range will work to meet customers’ current and future needs in these varying market sectors while still offering the productivity, reliability and user-friendliness for which AM.CO.ZA has become so well-known.

Vinyl4 Vinyl Cutter Range Hobby

The Vinyl4 Hobby is aimed at the entry-level user. It competes directly with the V-Series range of cutters and similar models from other manufacturers, with the capability for standard or basic cutting techniques. However, the Vinyl4 also can handle a small amount of semi-automatic contour cutting, making it more versatile than the V-Series. Despite this increased capability, it is still priced at the same level as the V-Series.

Vinyl4 Vinyl Cutter Range Studio

The Vinyl4 Studio is aimed at the medium productivity level company and competes directly with the V-Smart and similar models from other suppliers. It is capable of regular cutting techniques and semi-automatic contour cutting. It features a lower cost of ownership than the V-Smart cutter.

The Vinyl4 Business competes directly with the V-Smart Plus and the V-Auto in terms of cost of ownership and is capable of the same or better levels of functionality and productivity. It is capable of normal cutting, semi-automatic and fully automatic contour cutting processes.

The Vinyl4 range of cutters not only offers high levels of functionality and productivity at lower costs, but will also help customers to achieve better quality cuts.

In order to market the Vinyl4 range of cutters, AM.CO.ZA is launching a new and dedicated website for this product and its range of spare parts. You can visit to view or order the devices or learn more about the cutters and their unique capabilities.

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