JOHANNESBURG, Thursday, 20 May 2021 – Credit provider Bizmatic (Pty) Ltd has enhanced its status as a financer of affordable assets in a bid to return the economy it a state of normality following the Covid-19 epidemic.

Bizmatic is a member of the Cornerstone Trust Group, along with a2 which provides rent-to-own machinery to the market. In taking things a step further Bizmatic secured its credit provider licence last year and is now able to offer economical machinery financing packages to the market.

No matter how big or small the financial requirement is, Bizmatic MD Eric Yin said that his company can ‘box with the best of them’ to help clients to achieve their machinery objectives.

“Besides the more established companies, we are very keen to assist the small to medium size Black Economic Empowerment business to take their business dream to the next level which will play a key role in further diversifying markets,” said Yin.

“We are determined to keep our interest rate as low as possible to give the client a good chance of avoiding running up too much debt while paying for the machinery and repaying the loan and will make every effort to provide the complete ‘Bizmatic Lending Experience’ to clients. Due to the costs of machinery equipment in the industrial sector, it is not easy for many clients to obtain the funding to get their small to medium size businesses off the ground.”

“At Bizmatic, we understand this and go out of our way to tailor-maker financial packages for clients,” said Yin.

“We don’t believe in the one-fit package for everyone, and different business owners have different needs and objectives. We are in 2021 and understand that all businesses and business owners are unique. We do like to work-with-out-of-the-box thinkers and have been amazed by some of the cutting-edge business ideas that companies have brough to us for financial assessment in recent times. South Africa is indeed a country that is jam-packed with loads of dynamic thinkers and we believe that it is only a matter of time before the country’s economy is restored to being the leader on the African continent.”

Yin mentioned that he was also a firm believer in the philosophy of ‘small stones build big bridges’, and that no idea or business is too small in terms of applying for financial assistance from Bizmatic.

“Whether you are running a business from a top-notch warehouse in the plush suburbs or from an old school hall, this is of no matter to us, as we buy into ideas and dreams,” said Yin.

“The day one stops dreaming is the day the spirit perishes. So, keep dreaming and allow us to be a part of the vision.”

Yin added that the time was perfect for an economy injection following the Covid-19 major lockdown of 2020 and many business owners have approached Bizmatic with the aim to restart their businesses, with many offering new ranges of products or services.

“We believe in the motto of ‘never say never’ and that no idea is a stupid one,” said Yin.

“You don’t need a flashy idea, you just apply the principles of common business sense and have a quality financer like Bizmatic, to back your business.” For an assessment on your financial business equipment needs contact Bizmatic on:

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