AM.CO.ZA is excited to announce that its new UV Laser Range is now available. Let’s take a look at the new LabelMark UV Laser Marking Machine, a machine that lets you achieve finer engraving results on all kinds of materials.

A UV Laser uses ultraviolet light to mark materials. This process does not rely on heat for marking, so it does not matter if the material is heat sensitive. The UV Laser is well suited to marking on glass, plastic, wood and other materials that would usually be damaged by a normal laser marker. Even paper can be marked with a UV laser! Now isn’t that something! Watch the below video to see how these materials react to the UV Laser.

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The 5W laser of a UV Laser is only a third of a 20W Fibre laser, but because of the nature of UV light, the heat absorption in the target area, is three times greater, which means you can engrave on the service without damaging the surface.

A Fibre Laser is more suited to metal surfaces, while the UV laser can be used on many different surfaces. The LabelMark 5W UV Laser Marking Machine with Chiller Full Set is now in stock at AM.CO.ZA. Call sales to get yours!

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