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Johannesburg, South Africa – October 10, 2016: Advanced Machinery made it public that the company has released a collection of Wall Art Designs which are available for sale to vinyl cutter users and enthusiasts.


Each design is custom made for a number of Raster Image Processor (RIP) software, including Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, AutoCAD and SAI  FlexiSign among others, and can be easily vectorized to achieve the desired effect. The files will also process effortlessly on Advanced Machinery’s new S-VINYLCUT software. Conversion formats supporting the designs include EPS, DXF, DWG, PDF, SVG and Windows media file EMF.

These patterns will help designers explore new growth angles in decorative applications. They can also be extended to website designs to help bring in new customers with a fresh and different design experience that’s also easily blended a new customer’s website – even for an existing customers new branding touch. Now designers can manage production systematically with automatic, reliable print-ready vector generation and tools that help you manage orders and save time.


Designers don’t have to worry about image quality loss when they stretch the images or when they output the designs for large format printing. Also, each design comes with a preview capability and ease of index.

Where To Use These Patterns: For signs, grave markers, mailboxes, weather vanes, refrigerator magnets, etc. Sell at dog shows, pet stores, flea markets, etc.

The package is being offered at only R299.00 and calls for pre-orders have started pouring in – collections and distribution from Advanced Machinery’s operations in Jet Park, Johannesburg will only start at end of October 2016.

To view samples of the wall art designs in discussion, visit the following site:

For assistance with purchases and more on the Wall Art Designs package, kindly visit, or please call our sales engineers on 072 222 2211.

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