Large-format printing and CNC systems specialist AM.CO.ZA has developed and launched a new range of premium hybrid UV inks for the large-format UV printing market.

Until now, users of large-format UV printing systems had to select between flexi ink which can print onto soft substrates and allow the print to move, and rigid inks which are designed specifically for use on rigid substrates.

Hybrid UV-ink

Both of these types of inks have their specific market uses but they also have limitations. The flexi inks are not particularly wear-resistant which means that they are less durable. The rigid inks are typically limited to specialist and ‘exotic’ types of print on glass, ceramic and other rigid surfaces, although they have greater durability. As a result, they are usually more expensive.

A good example of a hybrid UV-ink printer is the F1-1604D/HYBRID from AM.CO.ZA

AM.CO.ZA has worked closely with a leading ink manufacturer to develop a range of hybrid inks specifically for use in its UV printers. The inks are designed to offer the best of both worlds, flexibility with wear-resistance on flexible substrates as well as durability and increased adhesion on rigid substrates. In addition, the new range of inks do not require any pre-treatment or primer on most substrates, thereby offering the customer production cost-savings which can be used to increase the profitability of every job or to reduce the price making these inks more cost-effective and attractive to end customers.

Eric Yin, managing director of AM.CO.ZA stated, ‘From the extensive tests we have conducted with these inks, they offer superior results when compared with both flexible and rigid inks from other systems manufacturers. The offer strong adhesion, excellent durability and are easy to use.’

UV Ink F2-uv-black
UV INK F2-uv-white
UV Ink F2-uv-clean

While these inks do offer a range of advantages over inks from other manufacturers, they are still UV inks and as such require some special handling. In this case, the inks are not compatible with other ink ranges from AM.CO.ZA and therefore, printers must be completely flushed before they can be used with the new inks. For this reason, AM.CO.ZA has also developed a system cleaner allowing the ink systems to be completely cleaned before using the new inks.

The new range of Hybrid Inks is now available in the local market. You can purchase the inks by contacting AM.CO.ZA Sales. Simply send the WhatsApp message “Hi” to 060 600 6000 or, by visiting the Buythis Online Store.

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