The Chemical-Free Solution To Cleaning Rusted, Painted and Dirty Metal Surface

The process of handling metals, especially ferrous metals, has one major drawback, the formation of rust which requires laborious cleaning with harsh and often harmful chemicals. This is not only dangerous to the people using the chemicals but, also to the environment and results in problems associated with storing these materials safely.

Specialist supplier to the CNC market AM.CO.ZA has introduced a range of fibre laser metal cleaning systems designed specifically to remove rust from metal without the need for dangerous and harmful chemicals. The Rustoff range of laser cleaners is designed to remove the rust without any damage to the surface of the metal.

The range comprises three units with differing strengths depending on the volume of usage that the device will have to endure. Each unit is fully portable, whether carried by hand or moved on wheels and the fibre laser unit itself is a convenient hand-held device making it ideal for small and large items alike. Due to the portability of the laser unit, all shapes of metal products can be cleaned easily, simply and most importantly safely.

The Rustoff fibre laser cleaners prepare the surfaces of the metal for welding, painting or other forms of processing ensuring that all downstream processes can be handled immediately and without delay and without presenting any health risks to operators, or without any post-cleaning washing which could result in the formation of new rust.

Contact AM.CO.ZA today to place your order for the model which best meets your specific needs.

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