AM.CO.ZA Launches its Own CNC G-code Generator Plugin for CorelDRAW

Local CNC software specialist Ambitious Machinery has released its own G-code generator CAM software for use with AM.CO.ZA range of CNC cutting and routing systems. The RouterCAM software will allow users to create their own cutting solutions.

In addition, AM.CO.ZA has announced that the RouterCAM CNC G-code Generator features a CAM Plugin for CorelDRAW which will allow users to generate cutting solutions directly from CorelDraw files. The latest version of the CorelDraw CNC plug-in G-code generator is compatible with all of the cutting solutions for the range of AM.CO.ZA router and cutting systems. 

The new version has been extended with Lead-In and Lead-Out options. These are used, on the one hand for milling, but are also very important for laser or plasma cutting. 

Ambitious Machinery already has customers who are successfully using the software version of the software for plasma cutting as well as CNC cutting. The benefit of the new version is that customers don’t have to model complex 3D data, the new plug-in automatically handles this aspect generating the correct cutting and routing lines.

For more information on the new software and plug-in and how they can enhance your creativity and productivity contact AM.CO.ZA and to arrange a dedicated training session.

Free Trial Version Download from CNCU.CO.ZA, AM.CO.ZA’s Driver Software, Driver & Tutorial Website.

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