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AM.CO.ZA is racing off into a new journey and pleased to announce its involvement in their local stock car racing community. AM.CO.ZA is now a proud sponsor for Nomad Racing.

Nomad Racing is a team led by Jaco De La Rey. Jaco has been driving since the tender age of 11 whilst living in Johannesburg. 15 years ago he moved to Cape Town and still his passion for driving continued. Jaco is a man driven by determination and a love for racing.


The weekend of the 14th and 15th of April 2017 Jaco and his team took part in the Bredasdorp National Qualifiers and he finished in a splendid 2nd place.

The spirit in which racing occurs is one in the same with the spirit in which AM.CO.ZA works. The passion that exists for racing and achievement is intertwined in this sponsorship as they look forward to accomplishing even greater things together.

On the 6th of May, 2017, AM.CO.ZA attended their first race as a sponsor and was swept up in the excitement and livelihood of the event. It was a jovial occasion watching people unite for a common interest and not to mention the vigour with which they do so. The weather may have been overcast and windy but they grabbed their coats and blankets and enjoyed the event with all the others that braved the elements.


The stock car racing community is a rapidly growing one, one in which the numbers tell the story of how hardy fanatics of this sport is. It brings people together in cheer and all that exists are your peers, the racers and the sound of cars racing around the track.

AM.CO.ZA exists for the achievement they offer in machinery. Machinery that excels, outrivals and races to beyond your wildest dreams in performance. Thus, a sponsorship with Nomad Racing was only a natural occurrence as we strive for the same triumphs.

Advanced Machinery looks forward to this new adventure as they buckle up and get in gear for many more races and using the momentum of this achievement to put them miles ahead of competitors.

Jaco De La Rey has not been idle when it comes to achieving. Last year he was 5th in his class in South Africa. Three years ago he was 4th and he has won several club championships as well.

Advanced Machinery started as just a CNC Machine selling agent and grew post-haste into one of the biggest companies in the industry. Offering comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field of machinery.  They offer expert technical services and go the extra mile to help their clients achieve.

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