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CAPE TOWN, South Africa – AM.CO.ZA is pleased to introduce the all new AM.CO.ZA Heatware™ Heat Press brought in by popular demand and if you ask, we are sure to deliver. The first lot of machines are locked and loaded and set to arrive the 20th May 2017 with great excitement from the team.

Get on board and pre-order yours to be part of the anticipation. AM.CO.ZA went the extra mile as per usual to offer clients everything they could want and need by offering them a choice of which Heat Press machine will suit their needs.

The H-PRESS/MT5, H-PRESS/MT6 and the H-PRESS/MT8 are top of the range machines – keeping up with the ever-changing technology – there is no way your desires won’t be met.


Here is a quick look at the capabilities of each machine:

Heatware™ X5 1250W Heat Press Multitalent with Flat Press, Mugs Press, Two Plate Presses and Cap Press Attachments.

Heatware™ X6 1250W Heat Press Multitalent with Flat Press, Two Mugs Presses, Two Plate Presses and Cap Press Attachments.

Heatware™ X8 1250W Heat Press Multitalent with Flat Heating Press and All 3D Shape Presses (Mugs/Plates/Cups/Cap Presses)


With such a small difference in price, there is no reason not to go all out and satiate every want you have ever had. Offer yourself and your clients more by buying the H-PRESS/MT8 that does everything, from printing on different sized mugs to printing on hats, caps and beanies. What more could you ask for?

These Heat Press machines are engineered to imprint a design or a graphic on a substrate or surface such as a t-shirt by applying pressure and heat for a preset amount of time. Why not let your creativity flow?

All three these machines, H-PRESS/MT5, H-PRESS/MT6 and the H-PRESS/MT8, offer you a temperature range, gauging from room temperature to a mighty 230 degrees Celsius. Not only that but you are given precision with your temperature control to within a 2 degrees Celsius range.

Don’t miss out on these spectacular machines, no regret, no fret as AM.CO.ZA gives you the best. But don’t just take my word for it – take a look at these incredible products here: http://www.heatware.co.za/

View our gallery of pictures here: http://www.welldone.co.za/Heat-Press-2017/

Check out the incredible prices for these machines: http://am.co.za/guide/heat-press.pdf


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