Local large format cutting and printing systems specialist Advanced Machinery has added a range of surge protection units for both single-phase and 3-phase electrical systems to help customers and the general public to counter the damage caused by load shedding.

Load shedding is not purely a South African phenomenon, but it has become a regular part of our lives. Apart from the interruption of our normal routines – which can be significant – it can have far more costly implications. You just have to look at Twitter, or your local WhatsApp group to read the comments about damage to microwaves, fridges and other household items caused by electrical surges as the power is restored.

On the business and industrial front, surges can cause severe or even catastrophic damage to expensive equipment and systems resulting in lengthy delays while they are repaired or even resulting in them having to be replaced. However, in the industrial sphere, surges are not the only thing which can cause damage to equipment. Most industrial-level equipment makes use of 3-phase electricity and this can also be negatively impacted by low electricity levels – a situation known as short phasing. Short phasing provides just enough power to unit to get the motor moving but not enough to actually drive it properly, this put severe strain on the equipment and can result in motors burning out.

The solution is a surge protector. Advanced Machinery supplies the Variac automatic surge protection systems. The 3kVA unit is suitable for standard single-phase systems such as those used in office buildings and households. The 40kVA is designed and suited to industrial applications where 3-phase power is used to protect large high-voltage equipment.

A surge-protector is specifically designed to prevent excessive voltage from making its way through to the equipment connected to the grid by either dissipating the excess or, in extreme cases, by itself being damaged thus preventing the equipment from taking the direct hit. In the case of short phasing, the surge protector works by preventing low levels of electricity through, thus ensuring that the motors and drives are not engaged in a sub-optimal situation resulting in damage.

A surge protection system is not to be confused with a UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply. Most people will know or understand what a UPS is. This type of unit provides just enough power in the event of load shedding, or other power interruption, for equipment to be safely shut down in order to prevent loss of data or damage to the equipment caused by an instant shutdown. Larger units even allow continued operation by providing an extended supply of power. Surge Protection systems are designed to prevent damage to expensive equipment by protecting them from high voltages.

So, whether you are wanting to protect household, office or industrial equipment, Advanced Machinery has the Variac Surge Protector for your specific needs and conditions. Why pay expensive repair bills or have to replace damaged appliances and equipment when a surge protector from Advanced Machinery can guard against damage. They are always on and always working to safeguard your equipment. Contact Advanced Machinery in Johannesburg or Cape Town for more information or visit buythis.co.za to purchase the surge protector for your needs.

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