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Another year has come for Advanced Machinery (AM.CO.ZA) to showcase themselves at the Cape Town Sign Africa Expo. The Sign Africa Expo concluded yesterday as a success yet again. Stormy wind and cold did not deter the people of Cape Town to show their support at the Cape Town International Convention Center.


On Wednesday, 14 March and Thursday, 15 March Advanced Machinery had their stall conveniently at the entrance and exit, no one could miss it. Their stall attracted a lot of feet and interest in the machinery and the setup of the stall itself.

This year for a stall design AM.CO.ZA went another route. What looks like large lego blocks that go by the name of Everblock was the structure for Advanced Machinery’s stall.

photo5863800815393811506 (1).jpg

These blocks can be rented or bought. A partner of AM.CO.ZA – Conrad from D-Displays – is a Western Cape distributor of the Everblock modular system. Being easily transportable, visually interesting and economical, drew a lot of attention at the Sign Africa.

The Everblock system is a game changer in the show stand industry not only for what is named above but the diversity it offers and the various industries where it can be applied. These blocks are reusable and only your imagination is the restriction.


Advanced Machinery had their FastCOLOUR Printer, V-Auto Vinyl cutter (which prints and cuts simultaneously) and a Heat Press machine – one of their very own extraordinary Heatware™. They also had on display a TruCUT Lite Vertical CO2 Laser Engraver which is perfect for the small business or someone just starting out.


Advanced Machinery is looking forward to next year’s expo and the new innovations from partners and to showcase their own as well. To another year of AM.CO.ZA attending as a local Cape Town business and the great support of customers.

To find out more about the Everblock system, please contact Conrad from D-Displays on

Should you be interested in any of these machines, visit AM.CO.ZA or contact our incredible team at 060 600 6000.

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