Local large format printing and fiber laser cutting specialist Advanced Machinery has introduced a new 16 Bar screw air compressor capable of meeting the needs of even its most demanding customers.

The compressor can be used with any of the systems supplied by Advanced Machinery which require pressurised air including heat presses, cutters, CNC routers and even fiber lasers. Although all these devices have different requirements and need air for different purposes, the one thing they all rely on is a constant and high-quality supply of clean, moisture-free compressed air. The new 15kW 16Bar Rotary Screw Air Compressor is capable of supplying 1.2 m³/min and more than meets these needs.

While most of the systems supplied by Advanced Machinery will use compressed air for the creation of pressure to secure or hold in place the item being processed, in the case of fiber laser cutting, the compressed air is used to blow away the ablated or cut material from the cut edges to provide clean and burr-free edges which require little further processing. This ablation process requires clean, contaminant-free and completely dry air. Failure to remove unwanted particles from the air can have detrimental results on the quality of the cut, the surfaces of the cut material, as well as the safety of the operator.

The new compressor is a strong addition to the AM.CO.ZA product range supplied and maintained by Advanced Machinery. For more information on how you can incorporate the new 16 Bar compressor into you workflow and what it can do for you, contact Advanced Machinery or you can purchase the compressor from the online store buythis.co.za.

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