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Advanced Machinery and RAW Studios’ Partnership


Advanced Machinery and RAW Studios recently became partners as RAW Studios obtained their CNC Machinery from Advanced Machinery which they happen to use for the manufacturing process of their products along with the ‘Finply Wood’ which they specially import from Finland. Therefore Advanced Machinery and RAW Studios also co-exist on their logo used on their manufactured products. They recently obtained a Vinyl Cutter, a CNC Plasma Cutter and 2 CNC Routers.

These above named  machines allows Peet,  whom is the proud owner of RAW Studios, to give his undivided attention to other important matters as well, as the Machinery used can be programed and is capable of manufacturing the products unattended.


RAW Studios purchased the above named machinery to assist them with the manufacturing process of their products as well as to assist them in expanding the business. Peet recently informed us that their business is doing extremely well and is ready to be taken to the next level. He also added that the machinery obtained saves up a lot of time and allows him to focus on appointing more staff as the business is doing well and therefore is short of staff. Advanced Machinery and RAW Studios’ partnership, strives towards their foremost and most important goal.. Achieving and manufacturing only the perfect products for their clients and potential future clients.


About RAW Studios:

RAW Studios is a designing and manufacturing company of furniture namely bed bases and home décor etc. They recently also started designing and manufacturing office furniture such as chairs, tables, desks, drawers for storage and co-space etc. RAW Studios manufacture these above named products with ‘Fin ply Wood’ which they specially import from Finland for the manufacturing of their products.

For more information contact:
Peet Van Straaten
Phone: 083 419 6662

About Advanced Machinery:

Advanced Machinery designs, manufactures, and specialises in the selling of Industrial CNC Machinery namely CNC Vinyl Cutters, CNC Plasma Cutters, CNC Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines, as well as CNC Routers. In addition to designing, manufacturing and supplying the above named CNC Machinery to their clients, Advanced Machinery also offers technical services as well as training on their Machinery.

About AM.CO.ZA Group of Companies:

AM.CO.ZA Group of Companies is current consist of several companies in various of sectors. All of them reflect the founder’s strong sentiment that Achievement Matters. Whether referring to achievement in business, marketing, training or simply in a personal capacity, and all of its subsidiaries are geared specifically toward helping our customers realise the potential and achieve…… For a list of the companies and the business sector they falls in, please visit for more.

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