Advanced Machinery, the supplier of the market-leading range of AM.CO.ZA cutting and large-format printing systems has introduced a new daily vlog to assist customers with some of the more technical aspects of owning and maintaining the equipment they purchase from the company.

The vlog is hosted on the Machinery Support ( ) website and provides step-by-step guidance on a range of servicing and maintenance functions associated with the AM.CO.ZA equipment they have purchased from Advanced Machinery. The vlogs are hosted by the technical team at Advanced Machinery and give precise insights and instructions of how to complete the respective tasks. The idea is to assist customers to become self-sufficient on a wide range of processes and functions and to help them to avoid the need to call out a technician, thereby saving them time and money.

machinery Support cornerstone

The vlog will become a daily feature addressing a different, commonly experienced topic each day, and empowering customers to unlock the full potential of the piece of equipment they have purchased. So, to find out how to achieve the highest levels of productivity from your device, bookmark the Machinery Support vlog and make it part of your daily routine to visit and see the latest update and how it could improve the efficiency and turnaround times for your company.

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