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For more information please contact:

                                                                                   Teboho Skosana
Tel: 060 600 6000/ 072 222 2211
Email: media@am.co.za / teboho@am.co.za
Website: http://am.co.za

Johannesburg, South Africa – September 28, 2016: Advanced Machinery, a South Africa based CNC machinery company, today announced a brand new range of the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer. This is the latest evolution of Advanced Machinery’s fully-integrated digital printing solution. And as the demands of sustainable print practices balloon up the list of priorities for printers every day, the company is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and ongoing innovation like never before.

The new series of the FastCOLOUR is set to transform the customer’s printing experience with its added upgrades and capabilities. Designed to provide the much-needed extra capacity to simplify the printing business, the new stock arrived at Advanced Machinery’s workshop in Jet Park, Johannesburg, where they are being assembled and demonstrated to the company’s customers. And immediately the company announced this development to a legion of more than 6, 000 of customers in its email database.

‘Our customers’ early response to the original FastCOLOUR was incredible, and this led us to think that they would need something better in a very short space of time – we think we have produced exactly that,’ said Eric Yin, Managing Director at Advanced Machinery.

‘FastCOLOUR is one of the most powerful brands we’ve ever coined, giving our customers that rare ability to be even more creative and fast with a more productive equipment. We’ll be waiting to see what they can do with the FastCOLOUR.’

This, barely a month after a successful stinct at the FESPA Africa 2016, where the company took to the stage, exhibiting the TruCUT CO2 Laser and the three series of vinyl cutters. The new printer is a huge sensation – it is packaged with both the DX5 and DX7 supporting additions, which include a different set of ink damper (this damper has a special filter which is very helpful for high speed printing, and is solvent resistant) and data cables, among others. Customers therefore do not need to purchase anything extra to install the DX5 and DX7 heads, except the heads themselves.

To cement the FastCOLOUR as a lasting innovative solutions portfolio and highly trusted brand, the printer’s resolution is still competitive within the market, going from a 3 – pass at 360×1080 DPI to an 8 – pass at 720×1440 DPI, and a maximum of 7.5 m2/h in high-speed printing  and uninterrupted printing to support high-volume output. The maximum printing width is 1860 mm with 50kg capacity rolled media feeding system.

The FastCOLOUR boasts the Servo Motors used on the printing axis features for fast printing speed and high accuracy movements, which in turn results in high quality printing results. This is ideal for time and space-pressed print operations, printing houses and creative sectors. And as an industry standard, the printer has wheels enabling it to be pushed around and clamps to jam it anywhere.

For people new to large format printing, please check out this page here, where Advanced Machinery constantly makes updates (along with more affordable options).

And for more info regarding purchases of the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer, please call Advanced Machinery on 060 600 6000 or do visit http://am.co.za

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