Press Release for Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd
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Carla Saayman
Tel: 087 802 7106
Email: carla@am.co.za
Website: http://am.co.za/

There are few things that make us as excited than introducing innovative, simple and new technology to our customers.

AM.CO.ZA would like to announce the new TruCut™ Lite Vertical CO2 Laser Engraving Machine with 120x80mm engraving area. It is specially designed to take up as little space as possible to give you comfort to enhance your business straight from your desk or even better yet – kick start your business.

These incredible machines will arrive in July but we are open for pre-orders. There is no way you can lose when you buy this machine, it is only an asset for you personally and business wise.

These machines offer you a variety of materials to work with. It is suitable for rubber stamp laser engraving, Rowmark©, Perspex©, Supawood© and more. This little machine offers you up to 6mm engraving.

Built in is an extraction blower fan to remove the smoke from the cutting/engraving process. No mirrors are required which means there is no hassle with alignment needed, making this perfect for an entry level machine and for those who simply need it to enrich their business.

Buying from AM.CO.ZA you not only get the machine but various products and accessories as well. A glass laser tube, a submersible water pump for CNC machine cooling, and a disk containing AM.CO.ZA softwares and drives for CNC machinery. All this comes free of charge when you buy from AM.CO.ZA

Jump on board for this exciting technology at a fraction of the price you would get asked at any other place. AM.CO.ZA’s design is a genesis for these type of machines, offering you one of the smallest footprints for convenience, accessibility and above all achieving success.


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