Article First Published on on December 30, 2021

Specialised 3D Printers for South Africa Market from Market Specialist AM.CO.ZA

Local CNC machining systems and large-format printing specialist Advanced Machinery which supplies and supports the AM.CO.ZA range of vinyl cutting, large-format printing and CNC and laser cutting systems in the South African market is establishing itself as a 3D printing systems industry specialist as well.

Advanced Machinery currently supplies the PrintUP range of 3D printers comprising models capable 3D printing of channel lettering up to 800x800x85mm (K8 model) for the signage, point-of-sale and shopfitting market. The PrintUP K8 model is capable of handling a range of different filaments types including PLA and PETG. The PrintUP K8 features a hotbed which is required for handling PETG but can also be used for the handling of PLA which does not require a hotbed. This offers customers increased production flexibility.

The PrintUP K8 3D channel letter printer features a single nozzle but with the ability to handle two different filaments at once. This allows for filaments of different colours to be used or for opaque and translucent filaments which can be printed for use with or without LED light strips. The PrintUP K8 3D channel letter printer is an FDM filament printer capable of printing a wide range of fonts for channel lettering applications, which is an area where Advanced Machinery has a great deal of expertise.

AM.CO.ZA PrintUP brand also has a Fine Resin 3D Printer in its product offering. The DJ89 fine resin printer can be used for a wide range of applications where smaller sizes are required. It can print items up to 192x120x100mm in size. Resin is completely inert once cured which means that it can even be used for such applications as dentistry.

For mid-sized items, Advanced Machinery has a Fast Pellet 3D Printer which extrudes plastic pellets to create 3D printed items in sizes up to 500x500x500mm, the G5 model.

This extensive range of printers for a wide variety of applications already qualifies Advanced Machinery as a specialist in the 3D printing market, however, the company has recently concluded a distribution agreement with Creality, a well-known international 3D printer manufacturer for the distribution and support of its range of 3D printers in the local market.

Said Eric Yin, managing director of Advanced Machinery, ‘Creality 3D Printer company is well-known for its range of printers and 3D printing peripheral equipment. We are excited that we have been approached by Creality to represent its range of printers here. Management at Creality was impressed with our strong focus on the 3D Printing market, as well as the success we have achieved with the PrintUP range of printers. They also liked our attention to customer care and are excited to work with us. They are offering us some early special pricing to introduce their solutions to the local market.’

Creality manufacturers a range of 3D printers and also offers resin curing machines which can be used either with the Creality printers or with the PrintUP resin printer.

This extensive range of solutions for the 3D printing market will truly establish Advanced Machinery as a leader in the local market supplying a broad offering of devices for a number of applications. To find out more about 3D Printing or how you can enter this exciting and expanding market, contact Advanced Machinery and get in on the ground floor.

About Creality: Based in Shenzeng, China, Creality is best known for developing the largest-selling 3D printer range in the world.Creality manufactures filament printers and resin printers, and its product line consists of DIY kits intended for hobby use, printers intended for industrial use, filament and other accessories.

About AM.CO.ZA PrintUP 3D Printers: Print-UP, as the name suggests, works by building up layers of materials. Through its focus on providing industry solutions, AM.CO.ZA has collaborated with some of world’s leading 3D printer manufactures to develop the PrintUP 3D brand for a variety of applications for industries and businesses. Please visit for more information.

About Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd: the core company of the AM.CO.ZA brand, Advanced Machinery is a leading supplier of CNC cutting and large-format printing solutions aimed primarily at industrial applications with a view to maximising our customer’s productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our products are designed to provide the highest levels of production capability to meet the needs of a range of customers from the small office home office market right through to industrial applications which require large-scale continuous production. We believe in providing complete solutions. This means that all ancillary equipment is supplied as part of a comprehensive solution ensuring that our customers know what they are getting and how much they will be paying. Please visit for more information and a full list of the products we sell.

  • Company: Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd
  • Contact Name: Sarah Mhlanga
  • Address: 2 Makro Place, Sunnyrock 1401, South Africa
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0027 60 600 6000 (Also on WhatsApp)
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Article First Published on on December 30, 2021

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