The primary function of CNC routing systems is to achieve fast, accurate and precise cuts in order to ensure the highest level of productivity. CNC routers can handle a wide range of boards, timber, laminates and other flat substrates.

The problem is that very often these ‘flat’ substrates are not as flat as they should be. This can be for a number of reasons but most common is warping caused by exposure to, or the introduction of, moisture which causing the substrate to become misshapen. In these instances ensuring accurate cuts is extremely difficult because despite the strong vacuum used to hold the material in place, there is no way to compensate for variations in the flatness of the material. Another area which causes problems is when multiple sheets are loaded on the router at the same time. The vacuum will hold the bottom sheet steady but the sheets on top can continue to move.

This is where a hold down roller or push down roller comes into play. Local large-format printing and cutting systems specialist Advanced Machinery has introduced hold down rollers for its range of AM.CO.ZA routers. The hold down rollers are also compatible with most Chinese-made CNC routers. The hold down roller is mounted onto the sides of the router and through spring-mounted tensioning applies constant and even pressure to the surface of the material ensuring that the cuts remain accurate and precise. The hold down roller works in conjunction with the vacuum system of the router to ensure that the substrate remains fixed in place to guarantee the most precise and accurate cuts, thereby reducing or eliminating waste caused by slipping or warped substrates.

The hold down rollers from Advanced Machinery are available for the two most common sizes of CNC Router systems including 2000mm wide and 1300mm wide. They are also supplied with the require length of air tubing to allow the hold down rollers to be integrated with the air system of the routing tables.

The hold down rollers feature a four-inch or 12cm clearance for easy inserting and removal of the substrate. The surface pressure can be adjusted depending on the number of sheets being cut or the thickness of the substrate. This ensures that regardless of the thickness of the material or the extent of warping the cuts will always be of the highest quality.

For morning information on the hold down rollers or to find out whether they will work with your CNC Router contact Advanced Machinery today.

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