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CAPE TOWN, South Africa – AM.CO.ZA, manufacturer of vinyl cutting, CNC material handling equipment, and software solutions had a two-day public spectacle at the Sign Africa Expo, where the company displayed its splendour of vinyl cutters. The machines consisted of the top-of-the-range V-Auto Superfast range, the business class V-Smart and the entry level V-Series vinyl cutter. The Sign Africa Expo was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from the 11th to the 12th of May, 2016. Stand number A1, where the company set the scene alight, had the dedicated army of AM.CO.ZA’s team engaging and speaking with legions of expo visitors, answering various questions while the equipment was running, demonstrating to customers the vinyl cutters’ ability to address their signage concerns and needs.

‘There is no substitute for a hands-on demonstration of equipment,’ observed one curious customer who visited the stand. ‘Being able to speak with and ask questions about the vinyl cutters and get everything explained while the equipment is running and having them show you how the device works is invaluable.’

AM.CO.ZA’s vinyl cutters are modern-day cutting and contouring devices. As though sensing the huge cloud of anticipation, the V-Auto Wireless Vinyl Cutter immediately wrestled its way to the front stage and expressing its immense capacity to locate registration marks on a substrate with absolute automation, then coordinating and trimming with precision. Automatic cutting minimizes manual labor and increases material utilization. The resourcefulness of this genius invention is rare, happening at the press of a button, perhaps the reason why customers couldn’t stop gasping at the V-Auto’s ingenuity. Every mechanism of this beauty is modelled to cut out vinyl images for vinyl lettering, numbering, signages, key holders, or window decorators. But what delighted customers to tears was their discovering that AM.CO.ZA not only offers the vinyl cutters, but stocks spares and parts as well. Because nobody wants to purchase a product whose spares are not found in the market, hey.

The V-Auto’s Appeal

This machine uses the latest and most superior Servo Motor Driving System with a 0.001mm driving precision potential. It supports Wi-Fi connection, allowing this model to connect several computers simultaneously. Surprisingly, this early bird comes with Roland compatible blades with 5 free complimentary blades: three which are 45 degrees, together with the 30 degrees and 60 degrees respectively. For start-up entities who are looking at doing minimum cuts of 2mm high letters, the V-Auto is an ideal product. It is also able to Direct Cut PLT files from USB Flash Drive, with no computer connection required. Talk about absolute magic, right?

The popular V-Smart, probably the one equipment among its peers that gets easily wiped off AM.CO.ZA’s shelves by customers, also had a furious story to tell. Vinyl cutter purchases exchange money for a machine that’s powerful. Seriously. You need a cutting system that provides superior cutting performance and increased throughput and precision. The V-Smart is a fully automated cutting system which runs on  all Windows operating systems, Apply Mac and Linux and is able to support HPGL and DMPL language, and is capable of cutting vinyl materials at speeds of up to 500 mm per second and cutting precision of 0.005 mm on a maximum cutting force of 1000 grams. It is the ideal solution for sign making, and is the apparatus of choice at sign-making facilities around South Africa.

These vinyl cutters’ stands are available in a range of suitable lengths and widths custom-made to meet the demands of different customers, all in an effort to maximally provide one-offs and full-production runs. The reason? Because a vinyl cutting experience is unproductive until it’s able to provide high-precision during blade motion, for more defined and accurate cuts. All these cutters run amazingly well on most RIP softwares, including AM.CO.ZA’s SAI Flexi Sign Software, CorelDraw etc. The company’s representatives will be available to discuss your unique cutting requirements and provide software recommendations.


The  company stands tall and offers comprehensive CNC machines and support, specialising in CNC routers, vinyl cutters, CNC laser machines, plasma cutters and large format printers. It manufactures and supplies these state-of-the-art CNC machines from its workshop in Jet Park, Johannesburg, coming from its manufacturing plant which is based in China, where they are designed and engineered. Advanced Machinery also coordinates the entire import process in a manner that minimises the risk for their customers, placing the onus on themselves to demonstrate a commitment to delivering the superior quality solutions that the company has become renowned for.

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