Ambitious Machinery, a company of Cornerstone Trust, is a company that lives up to its name – both ambitious and trustworthy, as well as being progressive, creative and known for keeping ahead of the curve!

Their latest offering is the exciting new Laser Art Programme. This programme is designed to suit first time users to create laser projects with ease, with clear instructions on how to start a new project, and then follow through to an exciting end product. In these challenging times many people are looking to start a new business. Ambitious Machinery understands this, and being great supporters and believers in the growth of business in South Africa, are keen to share their products and their extensive knowledge of the machinery and software industries.

Laser Art would definitely be a creative and interesting route to follow, and with this great programme, as well as excellent tech support, the user would be able to start learning from scratch. Once an understanding of what can be achieved has been gained, the programme can be adapted to fit individual needs.

Vector designs are available for free download, and once one has subscribed to the channel, newer laser art projects will also be presented. These imaginative designs have absolutely unlimited possibilities in their end use. As we all know, 2020 & 2021 have seen an increase in family time spent at home. Laser Art would be a great new hobby to explore, with the possibility of even turning it into an exciting new business.  Double sided Laser engraved poker chips could be a fun new way of lockdown entertainment, while the attractive picture frame designs will hold memories of many hours spent by families in this new era of doing things together.

With two sizes of laser machine, the intricacy of design is impressive, even in the desktop version. Artwork can be taken from Photoshop, & once vectorised, brought into the system. The possibilities for this programme are literally endless. Home décor, school projects, gifting – the sky is the limit. The variety of materials that can be used include Perspex, wood, rubber, leather – just about anything! And considering that even spherical shapes can be used, one’s imagination can run riot. The fine detail possible in design can take the skills of the designer as well as the Laser Art Programme, and actual laser cutter, to great heights, with imagination being the only limiting factor. From Star Wars to stately lions; from kick boxers to flowers – choose a theme relating to a hobby, sport, favourite design or personal passion, & laser it to become a feature in the home, office or a money making project in the market place.

As a company, Ambitious Machinery is dedicated to serving its clients to the highest standards. A look at the degree of information available on the user friendly website not only aids a potential client to zone in on his needs, but also gives an indication of the fun, progressive & empowering nature of this business. On reading the client interactions, it’s clear that this is a great company with well priced products and top notch training. Of course tech support is essential, and Ambitious Machinery cannot be faulted in this respect.

They can only be described as fulfilling all needs beyond all requirements, and as the Laser Art Programme illustrates, are user friendly industry leaders as well!

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