Local large-format printing and cutting systems specialist Advanced Machinery has released the latest version of its cutting software VinylCut which presents a few upgrades and some software patches for its market-leading solution.

VinylCut version 5.008 is available as a free-upgrade to all existing users of the software and can be downloaded at VinylCut.co.za. VinylCut is a feature-rich software solution for the design, handling, cutting and printing of all manner of artwork produced on vinyl and offers users a full range of functionality.

When purchasing an AM.CO.ZA large-format cutter from Advanced Machinery, customers will receive training in the use of the VinylCut software. However, more in-depth training, as well as short cuts, tips and tricks can be found in the series of training videos which explain, in simple and easy-to-understand terms, the uses and functions of each tool of the software allowing users to gain the maximum functionality from the software. These videos are available free-of-charge and are not limited to existing customers but can be used by anyone at any time. In addition, because they are based and hosted on YouTube they are accessible at any time. The full series of training videos can be found at https://softwaretraining.co.za/topic/vinylcut

In addition to being informative, they can be used to evaluate the functions and capabilities of VinylCut thereby removing the need for users to do comparative testing before making their purchasing decision. The videos offer the equivalent of a virtual testing environment as they cover every aspect of the software.

For those who specifically wish to test the software for themselves, the VinylCut software can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial period. The aim is to provide potential customers with every possible opportunity to see exactly what can be done and achieved with the software.

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