JOHANNESBURG, Monday, 17 May 2021 – Bizmatic (Pty) Ltd have proved their worth as leaders in the world of business, with their assets rental service under the brand of ‘Affordable Assets’ or ‘a2’ as they are known, holding its head high in an extremely competitive business environment.

A part of the Cornerstone Trust companies, Bizmatic has never been afraid to venture into areas where others dread to tread, and the success of the A2 brand, allows for the provision of rent-to-own models to assets sold by authorised partners.

The rent-to-own model is definitely the way that many international countries, including South Africa, is going, with machinery in the form of computer numerical control (CNC) routers, CNC laser machines and large format printers in hot demand.

“The rent-to-own module is well known in the motoring industry, but few realise the amount of savings that can take place through the renting of equipment in the business sector, with an aim to own the infrastructure in the long-run,” said a2 company MD Eric Yin.

“This business module makes much sense in allowing firms to make use of the equipment while they are paying it off prior to taking full ownership of the machinery. The concept makes even more sense to the start-up business owner who is not in a position to lay out hundreds of thousands of cash upfront. The rent-to-own business module for machinery is the way to go and is expected to play a major role in driving a part of the local economy to the next level.”

“Like any sensible business person, it is important for business owners to always keep an eye on the bottom line in terms of cash flow, and the a2 packages certainly give major opportunities for clients to rent-to-own machinery at a reasonable price,” went on Yin.

With an ever-growing clientbase, the a2 team are looking towards an even bigger influx of newcomers in the second half of the year, which would see a good return for 2021, after the sluggish 2020 brough about by the Covid-19 restrictions.

“There is no doubt that the market is slowly starting to show an increase following the international shutdown of 2021, and the rent-to-own machinery module is the perfect solution for small to medium and even larger size companies, to get their best bang-for-their-buck,” added Yin.

Rental packaging and other information on a2’s exciting rent-to-buy model can be found on their company website at

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