When it comes to sticker making, the conventional approach involves printing your artwork using an EcoSolvent Printer, adding registration marks, and utilizing a Vinyl Cutter to cut out the stickers. However, in the following video, we showcase a revolutionary method using a UV DTF 300 Printer that surpasses the traditional process in terms of efficiency and quality.

We purposely printed artwork with very tiny details at the edge of the print, so that we can show you why this is an issue, if you are using an EcoSolvent Printer. Due to this design, we had to create a contour line to cut around the artwork. Why? Because we couldn’t cut these small details out using a Vinyl Cutter. As you can see, the results are ok, but not fantastic.

Luckily, there is a new revolutionary method to create stickers, using UV DTF 300 Printer, sold by AM.CO.ZA. This machine lets you print your artwork directly onto film without the need for cutting or creating a white outline.

The beauty of this printer is that it prints directly onto the film, which then becomes your sticker. This means there’s no need for cutting or weeding, or the need to contour cut around the artwork. Isn’t that super exciting? For comparison, we have prepared the same artwork, and we will create stickers using the UV DTF 300 Printer.

The UV DTF Printer uses basic CMYK colours (black, cyan, magenta, and yellow) along with varnish and white ink. It makes use of two films: printable film and transfer film.

The UV DTF 300 utilizes two print heads – one for colour and the other for whites and varnish. The whites are printed first, followed by the colour on top of the white, and then the varnish on top of the colour. This protects the print from scratching.

There are plenty of settings and passes you can play with for optimal results, and the top layer of film is then fixed onto the final product.

When the sticker is done, just take it out and cut it off. The print is sandwiched between the two films, making it easy for application. Now, let’s go ahead and do a comparison between the two stickers:

Notice how the fine dots are completely on their own, with no white background – no weeding needed. Just turn the sticker around and apply it firmly, then pull the top film off. Look at that! No contour is needed, and the colours are awesome. It even bulges out just like you would expect of a sticker. The results make it clear which printer makes the best stickers, with less effort!

The UV DTF 300 is capable of printing with a width of 300 millimetres wide, making it an awesome choice for your sticker creations. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call sales. Chat with us by sending “hi” on Whatsapp to 060 600 6000​.

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