Router bits are cutting tools used with a router machine to shape, cut, and form materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. There are various types of router bits designed for specific applications, such as straight bits, flush trim bits, chamfer bits, and round-over bits. AM.CO.ZA, the leaders in CNC Machines and Large Format Printers in South Africa, amongst other machinery, have created a specialist tooling website that provides router bits to ensure that you have the right bits.

Specialist router bits are designed for more precise tooling requirements and may include:

  1. Cove and Bead Bits: Used to create decorative edges on materials, such as beads or coves.
  2. V-Groove Bits: Used for engraving or lettering applications, creating grooves, and forming chamfers.
  3. Dovetail Bits: Used to create dovetail joints, typically for woodworking applications.
  4. Raised Panel Bits: Used to create raised panels on doors and other flat surfaces.
  5. Ogee Bits: Used to create decorative edges with an “S” shape profile.
  6. Round Nose Bits: Used to create curves and contours on materials.

When selecting a router bit, it’s essential to consider the material you’ll be working with, the depth of cut required, and the desired finish. It’s also crucial to ensure that the router bit you choose is compatible with your router machine.

AM.CO.ZA ‘s router bits are born from a single, solid Tungsten Carbide Rod, a superior base for crafting the Ppinnacle of pin point routing precision.

AM.CO.ZA now sells a range of Marble CNC Machine Toolings and Granite CNC Machine Toolings to allow you to cut into stone. Due to its porous and brittle nature – when CNC Machining Stones like Granite and Marble, it is important to use the correct cutting tools and techniques to ensure that the stone is not damaged.  It is also important to consider the porosity and density of the stone, as this can affect the machining process and the final result.

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A tool is only as remarkable as the artist that wields it. but it is true that having the right router bits gives the artist the edge he needs to create a work of art. Quality, Cost Effective bits from AM.CO.ZA is what every artist/creator/hobbyist needs!

After 9 years of working with the AM.CO.ZA team in perfecting their multipurpose EasyRoute system, we have now turned this experience to curating a range of complimentary toolings and bits for all standard Routers.  

With precision machined router bits from Solid YG10 Grade High-Density Tungsten Carbide Rods – we are focused on the intersection between cost-effective, precision tooling and quality materials that will deliver accurate projects, on time.

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