Through the partnership between AM.CO.ZA and DTGRIP, the latest version of the AM.CO.ZA AcroRIP software version 10.4 has been launched to Southern Africa customers and brings a host of new features designed to take your favourite RIP software to a new level.

AM.CO.ZA AcroRIP is the RIP software of choice for users of Epson DTG, DTF and UV printers and the latest version, available from local large-format printing and cutting systems specialist AM.CO.ZA, brings new features to simplify production for existing users.

The Beta version of AM.CO.ZA AcroRIP 10.4 features the ability to handle increased paper sizes on the Epson P6000, 7880 and 7890 printers; A central paper guide on the XP-15000 and ET-8550 and; updated drivers for printers where there had previously been an issue with the sensor for film and transparency use.

Interested customers, can download a free user manual for the beta version which will allow for comprehensive testing. Version 10 is accompanied by a DTGRIP | DTFRIP USB security dongle. This usb dongle works with popular Epson printers and will only be available via registered resellers. Highlights of this version includes one-pass white and colour printing for dark T-shirt and products.


AM.CO.ZA AcroRIP has requested that customers do not upgrade their Windows operating system to the latest Windows 11 version as this has not been fully tested at this time and as a result, not all the bugs have been sorted out, which could result in the AM.CO.ZA AcroRIP software not performing correctly or optimally.

Local customers who would like to volunteer to test the new version of AM.CO.ZA AcroRIP can contact AM.CO.ZA and request to be added to the list of beta testers. Once the full version has been launched, they will receive a free upgrade to the full version.

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