Lamination is the process of protecting printed objects from exposure to water, air and UV light. This is particularly important in the local market where the high levels of UV radiation can result in rapid degradation of printed items. Lamination provides a cost-effective alternative to UV inks.

Until now, entry-level laminators were only capable of cold lamination which makes use of pressure to adhere the laminate to the printed items. This has certain advantages especially where the base substrate or inks are heat-sensitive. However, hot lamination offers increased adhesion providing a superior finish. Local printing and CNC cutting specialist AM.CO.ZA has upgraded Rollman RM-1520 Cold Laminator to 2000W Hot/Cold Laminator in its product range providing the best of both forms of lamination to the entry-level segment of the market.

The Rollman RM-1520 features a high-density rubber roller which is controlled by a strong and silent air compressor. Unlike most other entry-level laminators, the Rollman RM-1520 laminator comes standard with this compressor, sparing users the expense of having to purchase a separate compressor. The compressor ensures central, even pressure and consistent control over the height of the roller which guarantees an even finish on all laminations up to a maximum thickness of 20mm on a wide range of substrates. When using the heating function the Rollman RM-1520 has fully adjustable temperature control up to 50 degrees C.

The Rollman RM-1520 laminator runs off standard single-phase electrical supply which means that it can be used in almost any environment and is suited to the small user. However, its rigid design and solid construction means that it is just as at home in an industrial setting. So, whether you need hot or cold lamination or you want the freedom to be able to use a wider range of base substrates and inks, this laminator from AM.CO.ZA is the smart option for all your laminating requirements.

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