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Ever since Advanced Machinery introduced low-cost large format printing in 2017 and it was such a great success – the market demanded a low-cost vinyl cutter with fully automatic vinyl cutting as well.

Having introduced the very popular V-Smart Vinyl Cutter in 2014 it was a huge hit in the South African sign-making industry. And come to 2016 Advanced Machinery rolled out the V-Auto Automatic Contour Cutting which became a necessity for all large-scale signage and large format printing businesses.

With the best minds together, AM.CO.ZA is introducing yet another Vinyl Cutter. Welcome the V-Smart Plus – a new hybrid that combines the V-Smart as the base model and the Laser Eye from the V-Auto.


It has a 1360mm cutting bed, suitable for a 1.2-meter vinyl roll or narrower to perform normal vinyl cutting, as well as fully automatic contour cutting. It is a truly remarkable newcomer that is gaining credibility and popularity fast.

To see this hybrid in action and hear a little background watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2sj6-_HJps

For more detailed specifications view the diagram below:


Or visit: http://saleprice.co.za/V3-1367

It is such an incredible piece of machinery for such a low cost. With the best of both worlds in one machine and such a low price why not contact AM.CO.ZA today at 060 600 6000.

Let Advanced Machinery help you satisfy all your machinery needs. Visit AM.CO.ZA for a world of machinery and watch this space for more new innovations.


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