Leading printing and cutting systems specialist Advanced Machinery is bringing the power of its EasyRoute CNC routing machines to a wider customer base with a massive red hot sale.

The EasyRoute range of routers offers a broad selection of solutions ranging from entry-level models for the home hobbyist through to industrial devices capable of the highest levels of productivity. EasyRoute CNC routers are versatile, general-purpose, three-axis CNC routers that can be used for drilling, milling, cutting, and contouring.

CNC Routers are used for a wide range of production applications and can be used on a broad range of substrates including foam, wood, stone and even metal to produce intricate and attractive finished products for a range of functions from home décor to industrial applications.

In order to make the power of CNC routing more accessible to a wider audience, Advanced Machinery is bringing in a large number of devices at highly competitive prices addressing the needs of the full market spectrum. 

While the functionality of the EasyRoute CNC Routers lie in their ability to handle a range of substrates and to produce intricate designs, the real power of the CNC router is to convert the concepts and creativity of the designer into finished products. To do this the router requires an interface between the creative process and the cutting capabilities of the router.

Advanced Machinery has developed an interface between the router software RouterCAM and the most commonly used creative software CorelDraw. CNC routers use G-code, a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) coding language. With the new interface, translating the CorelDraw files into RouterCAM files becomes a simple and easy process. However, possibly more importantly the RouterCAM files can be converted back into CorelDraw files. This bi-directional conversion makes it possible for files to be tested and amended numerous times until the perfect result is achieved. 

RouterCAM CNC G-code Generator CAM Plugin for CorelDRAW, Activation Code
RouterCAM CNC G-code Generator CAM Plugin for CorelDRAW, Activation Code

This means more effective design thanks to a single interface that cuts down on import/export times. Due to the G-code plugin, which saves on needing to reprogram toolpaths when reloading a DXF. These can also be imported by CorelDraw and processed with the plugin. Editing or changing projects in vector applications is even easier thanks to RouterCAM, offering substantial advantages over trying to make alterations in CAM software. Time is also saved when performing more basic 2D tasks. Whether you’re milling, engraving, or performing plasma or laser cutting, RouterCAM speeds up your process.

The full range of benefits of the RouterCAM plugin are as follows:

  • Allows you to add to the tool library and define your own cutting order.
  • Direct creation of G-Code in CorelDraw.
  • Works with 2D, which is easier to use than 3D.
  • Unique machining cycles for contours, pockets, and drilling.
  • Rotary axis support for A, B, and C coordination or mapping.
  • 3D representation of G-Code so you can check and visualise the G-Code.
  • Uses the same G-Code for laser, plasma, and waterjet machining solutions.

To meet the growing demand for highly popular EasyRoute range of routers, Advanced Machinery has imported three containers of routers with a total of 60 models across the range coming into the local market. The shipment will include entry-level models for the hobby market, but more importantly comprises a broad spectrum of industrial machines including the R-1325C/30L 1300x2500mm clamping 220V machine, which ships with a 3kW water-cooled spindle aimed at the smaller end of the market and the R-2030K/55L 2000x3050mm Vacuum 380V CNC router, with its 5.5kW water-cooled spindle aimed at the truly industrial client looking for the highest levels of productivity and cost-efficiency. EasyRoute has another ten machines between those productivity points, covering both clamping and vacuum options, which will soon be available from Advanced Machinery.

AM.CO.ZA and easyRoute was proudly featured in these publications:

So, if you are looking to enter the CNC Routing market or simply wishing to expand your current production capability, look no further than Advanced Machinery and the highly productive and cost-efficient EasyRoute range of CNC Routers. Contact Advanced Machinery today and arrange a demonstration of what the EasyRoute range can do for you.

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