First published on AM.CO.ZA reveals new headquarters and exciting 2023 business plan

2023 marks AM.CO.ZA’s 10th anniversary, and it is celebrating by launching new headquarters and exciting business development plans for the future.

AM.CO.ZA is a leading supplier of industrial CNC cutting and large-format printing solutions in South Africa.

It has acquired a large new warehouse in Sunnyrock, East Rand, that will become its headquarters as it expands its offerings and establishes dominance in the South African market.

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This expansion is possible thanks to the company’s incredible success and growth over the last few years – which has left it needing more operating space.

New headquarters

AM.CO.ZA’s new Sunnyrock headquarters will comprise a vast 2,000 square metre facility with the following operating areas:

  • 300 square metres of demonstration space
  • 150 square metres of sales space
  • 400 square metres of spare parts storage on the top floor
  • 550 square metres of showroom space on the middle floor
  • 400 square metres for Machine dot Africa to conduct machine repairs
  • 250 square metre tea garden and coffee shop

This space will allow AM.CO.ZA to continue to grow its operations and uphold the incredible service it has offered to its clients since its inception 10 years ago.

Renovation of the Sunnyrock headquarters warehouse will begin in 2023, and you can watch the video below to find out what to expect from the development.

New business plans

AM.CO.ZA will enter 2023 as a four-part business.

These four sub-businesses will allow AM.CO.ZA to maximise efficiency, improve its operations, and let each business unit offer the best possible service to its customers.

AM.CO.ZA’s new group comprises the following entities:

  1. AM.CO.ZA – Main business that supplies machines, spare parts, and consumables.
  2. Machine dot Africa – Installs machines for clients and handles on-site and factory repairs.
  3. Ambitious Academy – Provides training and certification to clients to ensure they achieve the best productivity levels.
  4. Buythis – An automated, AI-driven online store that distributes countrywide.

With its new premises and an improved business structure, AM.CO.ZA is ready to serve all your CNC cutting and industrial printing needs, so click here to learn more.

First published on AM.CO.ZA reveals new headquarters and exciting 2023 business plan

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