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Boksburg, Jet Park- Recently AM.CO.ZA received test results back from Test Africa in regard to the safety, durability and reliability tests performed on their Heatware Heat Press machinery.  Have I got news for you: the outcome was exceptional!!!

Test Africa tested the Heat-Press/MT5 machine which boasts of 5 attachments catered for mugs, plates and caps, etc;  H-PRESS/MT6, MT8 and MT9 with mug, plate and cap presses ; The H-PRESS-4060 which is mainly designed for t-shirt’s and lastly the H-PRESS/PEN for pens. These Heat Press machines are engineered to imprint a design or a graphic on a substrate or surface such as a t-shirt by applying pressure and heat for a preset amount of time. You can simply have a look at the findings on the research or tests done by following the link below:

test report by test africa!
follow link:

Some of the quality control tests that were performed on the machinery:

  1. Heating;
  2. Leakage current and electronic strength at operating temperature;
  3. Transient overvoltages;
  4. Moisture Resistance;
  5. Leakage current and electronic strength and so much more.

And for more information on Heatware Heat Press follow the link:

The tests that were performed on the Heat Press machines were regulated by the following agencies: SANSA: South African National Space Agency , ILAC: International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and MRA. They were tested by Mr GH Holtzhausen (Test Engineer) and Approved by LP Kuisis (Technical Signatory).

About AM.CO.ZA:

AM.CO.ZA has been operational in South Africa since 2013. Their main warehouse is located in the heart of Boksburg in Jet Park. They stock and sell a large variety of printing and cutting machinery ranging from Vinyl cutters, Laser cutters, Plasma cutters, CNC routers, Large format printers and so much more.

More information of the Heatware Heat Press machinery can be found on our site:

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