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Advanced Machinery, a subsidiary of vinyl-cutter manufacturer AM.CO.ZA, is a leading supplier of V-Series vinyl cutters.

These V-Series cutters are well-known for their impressive functionality, durability, and competitive prices, which is why they have been the best-selling vinyl cutters in South Africa since 2014.

“We typically sell about 100 V-Series vinyl cutters each month in the South African market alone,” said Advanced Machinery spokesman Eric Yin.

“Most of these sales are to repeat customers, which serves to confirm the high quality, sturdy construction, and cost-effectiveness of these industrial-strength vinyl cutters.”

V-Series cutters

V-Series cutters offer up to 1,000g cutting pressure – double that of the average machine on the market –– and this allows you to cut thicker vinyl with greater accuracy.

They enable smooth, adjustable cutting and plotting speeds ranging from 20mm up to an incredible 800mm per second, too.

This works with a mechanical resolution of 0.0254mm and a repeatable precision level of 0.0127mm for extreme cutting accuracy.

Additionally, V-Series cutters are available in a variety of sizes – ranging from 800mm-1,700mm, and with cutting areas between 710mm and 1,610mm.

The sizes and prices of these cutters at the time of this article are highlighted in the table below.

Working Area800mm800mm1360mm1360mm
Cutting Area710mm710mm1270mm1270mm
Cutting Pressure1000g1000g1000g1000g
VinylCut SoftwareYesYes
Price R 7 359 R 7 922R 9 314R 9 877

Vinyl cutting operations

The functionality of V-Series cutters does not stop there, as they come with a Windows Printer Driver and can therefore be installed on Windows PCs as printers.

This allows the cutters to be controlled through standard drawing applications such as CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and more. You can even cut directly from an SD card without the use of a computer.

While you can use your cutter without a computer or with Windows, you can get even better functionality with VinylCut software that is developed by another of AM.CO.ZA’s subsidiaries – Ambitious Machinery.

VinylCut software can be used with any of Advanced Machinery’s products – from Advanced Machinery’s simplest cutters to its contour and business cutters – and has low-end minimum computer requirements so it can be operated on even the most basic computers.

About AM.CO.ZA

AM.CO.ZA is a leading supplier of CNC cutting and large-format printing solutions for industrial applications.

It provides its clients with lifetime technical support and round-the-clock access to spare parts should they need them.

“We also supply ancillary equipment within the context of our holistic solutions, so that clients know exactly what they’re getting – and exactly how much it will cost,” Yin says.

Additionally, you can purchase AM.CO.ZA products and spare parts online 24/7 through the BuyThis store with free shipping.

Click here to learn more about vinyl cutters from AM.CO.ZA.

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