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Boksburg , Jet Park- Just the other day, AM.CO.ZA was featured in Issue 6 of The graphics advertising print packaging magazine, Southern Africa and several other industrial magazines too. The GAPP is a magazine media that covers the print, packaging and sinage in Africa. It is published by Sentient publishing which has been creating high quality, targeted, business-to-business publications for over 16 years.

About a year ago Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd introduced to the market a Large format printer that is famously known as the FastCOLOUR Lite printer. The printer has become such a hit in the world of Graphic Design that it is sold out upon arrival and is always in such demand.

We are currently running a campaign called ”Colour The World” that involves the production of a series of themed videos on YouTube about how the printer works and a ”Special Offer price” promo- where you need to buy The GAAP magazine and bring it with to AM.CO.ZA to get the printer for a discounted price. This offer is valid until the end of the year, 2019 and is available for Model F-1604/XP600/ECO. The Package comprises of a Printer, Printhead, PhotoPRINT RIP Software and 1L Ink set.

Happy Customer!
Another Happy Customer 🙂

We have created large banners of the FastCOLOUR ”Colour The World” and placed them at most of our business partner’s premises.

About AM.CO.ZA:

AM.CO.ZA has been operational in South Africa since 2013. Their main warehouse is located in the heart of Boksburg in Jet Park. They stock and sell a large variety of printing and cutting machinery ranging from Vinyl cutters, Laser cutters, Plasma cutters, CNC routers, Large format printers and so much more.

Colour the World Video! How AM Printer Works?

More information of the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer can be found on our site:

In order to view images of the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer, follow the link

Get yourself one and help AM colour the world one printer at a time.

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