When AM.CO.ZA was launched into the CNC systems and consumables market 10 years ago the aim was to provide a set of solutions based on market-leading technology sourced at affordable prices with the highest levels of services. The product range has expanded and grown to incorporate a wide array of products across a number of sectors in the printing and signage market. The product offering is also available for online purchase via the Buythis online store.

However, there has also been a growing demand from customers to supply products and spares which do not form part of the AM.CO.ZA product range. That need has been answered with the establishment of a new company and online portal called Aftermarket designed specifically to meet the needs of companies who have existing equipment which requires difficult-to-source spare parts and components for systems not supplied by AM.CO.ZA.

AM.CO.ZA has established a network or leading component and spare parts suppliers throughout the Far East who are able to source equipment for a wide array of systems. The company utilises the warehouses and its suppliers’ inventory lists to sell all kinds of spare parts, components and consumables in the Southern African market. AM.CO.ZA sells a full range of solutions from its suppliers and is constantly searching for additions to the product range.

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However, as these products are not specifically from its own product range there are certain conditions associated with the sourcing of the solutions supplied by Aftermarket. Components, consumables and spare parts are not necessarily held in stock and will have to be ordered as required. This means two things. Firstly, that there is likely to be some delay in getting the items ordered as they have to be ordered from suppliers in the Far East. Secondly, the client must be as certain as possible that they are ordering the correct spare part or component as items which are incorrect will only be refunded if they are unopened and in their original condition. Also, refunds will only be made once the component has been received back by the warehouse or factory.

All the products supplied by Aftermarket are guaranteed to be new unless specifically stated otherwise. In this case new refers to the fact that they have never been used, even if they have been recovered from a damaged machine. As such the components or spare parts fall into one a few categories including:

  • Parts manufactured as spare parts by the original manufacturer, these are genuine spare parts but not common in aftermarket;
  • Parts manufactured by third-party manufacturers as compatible spare parts;
  • Spare parts removed from machines damaged during transport etc; These have not been used.
  • Spare parts removed from overstocked machines or obsolete models;
  • Rebuilt parts – spare parts retrieved from above the situation; and
  • Other sources our suppliers may use.

In addition, as the products do not form part of the AM.CO.ZA product range they are only available for collection. This places another onus on the customer – the need to be sure that the right parts have been ordered and that the method of transport used is safe and secure and that all handling of the product is correct. This entails not only securing the product but also ensuring that any necessary anti-static precautions and handling are used. Products damaged post-collection or in the process of installation are not covered by any warranty. Customers may arrange for collection by a courier or other forms of transportation company, but must remember that no warranty or return is offered if the product is damaged during this part of the transportation process. Only products damaged in transit from the warehouse or factory in the Far East will be replaced. Also in cases where a courier is used, you lose the right to inspect and reject collection.

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It is important to note that products must not only be treated as fragile, but must also be handled in a static-free manner because most electronic boards are highly static sensitive. Please refrain from taking the spare parts out of the packaging, and strictly DO NOT use including fit on or connect on until you are certain it is the right product. Once the final protection packaging (e.g. antistatic bag), or break labels are removed or perforated, we will not be able to take it back. Should you wish to return any items still in their original packaging, you can choose to send it back to us with proof of return to our warehouse in Sunnyrock, Johannesburg, within 7 days at your own cost. It is important to bear in mind that a refund – either full or partial – won’t be granted immediately, rather we have to send the product back to the supplier and satisfy their return condition before we can do so. In instances where it is a rarely-sold product, our suppliers may also charge up to five per cent restocking fee.

All our spare parts and components carry a six-month manufacturer’s warranty against poor workmanship and material imperfection. However, the part will have to be returned to the manufacturer for inspection before a refund or replacement will be considered. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any warranty on consumables.

As a company in the AM.CO.ZA group, Aftermarket will make every effort possible to assist you in finding the right parts, components or consumables, but as they do not form part of our direct product lines, we are not able to take responsibility for any damage caused to your machines or equipment if the incorrect part is ordered, inserted or used.

So, if you are struggling to find the right components for your equipment, why not try our online solution to see if we can help you get your systems back up-and-running. Aftermarket – we may be your last resort but hopefully we will be your best.

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