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Advanced Machinery showcased its state-of-the-art AM.CO.ZA V-Auto Superfast Vinyl Cutter and FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer at the GAPP Print Expo 2016, which was held at NASREC. The innovative V-Auto Superfast Vinyl Cutter, which is blended with an Automatic Contouring ability, was a surprise hit as it wowed the Expo visitors with its 50-1200mm Per Second Cutting/Plotting Speed.

The possibilities are endless with the V-Auto. Eric Yin, Managing Director at Advanced Machinery had this to say, ‘We will never stop our quest for the next innovative, precision product for the signage industry. It is our duty to stay ahead of the market by investing in unparalleled market research that has always guided us to premier customer service and ultimate customer support as well.’

This machine offers new features that appeal to serious sign makers, in addition to all of the amazing contouring features. Its in-built 128M memory allows this cutter to store the job and preserve data even when power is lost, enabling for ease of retrieval. It uses the latest and most efficient Servo Motor Driving System with 0.001mm driving precision. Its ability to support Wi-Fi connection allows this model to connect several computers simultaneously. The V-Auto Vinyl Cutter comes with Roland compatible blades with 5 free complimentary blades: three which are 45 degrees, together with the 30 degrees and 60 degrees respectively. For home-based businesses who are looking at doing minimum cuts of 2mm height letters, the V-Auto is an ideal product. It is incorporated with a USB connection and supports all Windows operating systems, Apply Mac and Linux and is able to support HPGL and DMPL language. It is also able to Direct Cut PLT files from USB Flash Drive, with no computer connection required.

The new V-Auto Superfast Vinyl Cutter allows the operator to stand and watch as it quickly and automatically picks the registration marks in the media, aligning and cutting your work for you, all this at the press of a button. The machine is designed cut out vinyl images for signages, key holders, widow decorators and vinyl lettering and numbering. More good news is that Advanced Machinery not only offers the vinyl cutter, but provides spares as well.

The Expo visitors couldn’t help but marvel at AM.CO.ZA’s FastCOLOUR 1860mm Large Format Printer. One of its kind, this fast, efficient and printer is compatible with the V-Auto Superfast Vinyl Cutter and is fitted with the bulk CMYK ink system which features four ink tanks at no extra cost . The ink levels can be adjusted for optimized ink pressure and continues smooth flow, which is very important for high quality print.

Fitted with the EPSON DX5 Printhead, this product ensures accurate printing quality. It runs on a Servo Motor which enables fast printing speed and high accuracy movements, resulting in high quality printing results. This printer is suitable for print on various materials including vinyls and PVC and is compatible with all Raster Image Processor (RIP) softwares, including PhotoPRINT, MainTOP and CorelDraw. The beauty of this agile beast is that it can be connected to a computer by a 100m Network cable for a fast and stable printing process. Its pinch-rollers are electronically controlled and can be pushed up and down by simply pressing a button. This machine is deliberately engineered to give the user a quiet working experience.

Bringing this addition to the market, Advanced machinery wanted to answer the modern customer’s very high demand question for a low-cost, quality productive lean machine that even start-up companies can afford, because the market is saturated with 2-in-1 machines that offer both printing and cutting solutions blended in a single machine. The FastCOLOUR is a really cost-effective investment in that the printer can operate separate from the vinyl cutter. Whether you’re cutting vinyls or contours, obviously you want to save time, so you can be able to simply print from your printer and transfer your work to the vinyl cutter, and while it’s busy cutting, the large format printer is printing as well. Logically, you don’t have to wait longer for the machine to print so that you can move the printed work in the same machine to do the cutting.

Compared to many Large Format Printers in the industry, which are only able to print in one direction, the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer provides bi-directional printing which enables continuous printing at every pass and keeps the output time strictly to the minimum.

This printer is fitted with a heating system which enables the printed ink to dry instantly, meaning you won’t have to drill your time down while waiting for the inks to dry. You can instantly transfer your media to the vinyl cutter for immediate cutting. Most importantly, it produces quality colourful images that can withstand the weather without fading easily.

Advanced Machinery also exhibited the Eco-Solvent Bulk System Ink. The demand for alternative ecologically friendly products has greatly increased due to the stronger awareness of environmental issues and introduction of high productivity Eco-Solvent printers to the market. Advanced Machinery answered the market needs by developing a unique ecologically friendly ink.

Eco solvent ink is compatible with Eco-Solvent based printers which are equipped with Advanced Machinery Eco-Solvent based print-head like the F-1860/ECO large format printer. Specially engineered to replace original ink from printer suppliers, it offers same quality in operation in pigment density, colour gamut & scratch resistance. This highly durable Eco solvent ink has the advantage of being water based, producing vivid colour resolutions, wide colour gamut, and is suitable for print on various media like photo paper, car vinyl, banner, sticker paper, one way film, mesh, window glass sticker, leather and slides.

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