JOHANNESBURG, Friday, 4 June 2021 – Computer Numerical Control (CNC) software specialists, Ambitious Machinery, have revamped the dynamic website to make software, manuals and other applications freely available, with no form of registration required.

Having made their presence felt in the fast-moving world of Information Technology with a firm focus on providing clients with easy, speedy software downloads, Ambitious Technology have made great strides in their efforts to turn the delivery of software-on-disk into a thing of the past.

“Faster internet and unlimited data are more common in South Africa these days,” said Ambitious Machinery MD Eric Yin, with the Ambitious Machinery brand having taken over the project from Advanced Machinery this year.

In years gone by, a CD disk contained software of about 650MB and was purchased or delivered to clients. By 2019, the diskspace had increased to 8.5 Gig.

 Initially, the option of producing blu-ray disks was considered, but not all laptops or computers have the reader to access it. Another reason for fast downloads from a website is that many laptops no longer have a dvd-rom so the CD disks cannot be inserted.

When Advanced Machinery started out in 2013 the core focus was to provide affordable CNC machines to the local market with the software of the machinery loaded on to CD which was later replaced by the DVD which reached a total of 4.7 Gig per disk by 2015. The customised cover for the disk was known as the Utility Disk.

The website is an example of how attention to detail matters the most with Ambitious Machinery have gone the extra mile to ensure maximum ease in terms of computer and mobile viewer ability.

“At Ambitious Machinery, we understand that time is of great importance to business-people, and we have made every effort to make our client’s websites as speedy and user-friendly as possible,” said Yin.

“One of our best-known selling points is that we strive to provide unique internet solutions for our client’s needs since we understand that clients like to entrench their own brand footprint in the marketplace to make them stand out from their opponents.”

As the world of Information Technology continues to evolve, Advanced will strive to increase our levels of customer service, through the provision of time-saving internet solutions that will help clients to obtain that extra edge in terms of increasing productivity. In simple terms, we are out-of-the-box thinkers who believe in keeping our client’s Informational Technology solutions one step ahead of the rest in a highly competitive market space. No job is too big or small for us when it comes to Information Technology. It is more than a job. It is our passion.”


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